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this blog is one outlet that i have for my thoughts and emotions, an online journal if you will. it is my life, or that is what it has become. i started out with not knowing what i wanted it to be. at first it was a place to just relay some funny things going on in my life like the Chick-Fil-A Chronicles. then it turned in to a place to post quizzes and the like that i thought amusing as time has gone on i have shared much of my person life. and after a few years of writing i realized what this blog is about. it is about me. all these thing that i have written about are about "where i am in my life".

* note - i almost never capitalize anything and i do not spell very well, and my grammar is not the best.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Origin of the Name

I know you are all wondering where did I get such a fabulous name as MRTool. I was given the name tool by a former roommate, and the story goes a little like this.

Three and a half years ago my friend Pinakidion (not his real name) moved here from N. Carolina. I am prone to bad jokes and puns. This of couse of odd to him. So he would count the number of bad jokes or puns in one day. On one afternoon he had counted to 29. Figuring that this was not deterring me from my habit he decided to try something different. He said that my jokes had several layers of wrong to them so he used the analogy of an onion of wrong. He would then unfold his hands as if peeling an onion. This he found only encouraged me. So he resorted to a physical method of determent. He has is really big NC State ring that he wore on his left hand. He would place his fist on my shoulder and press against me with the ring. Now I know what you are thinking, how cruel, but it did not hurt. This alas did not work either. So he gave me the name tool.

now tool is like calling your friend a dork, geek, dweeb, etc. So ofcouse I did not mind it at all. I rather liked it. So now you know where the tool came from, know as for the M R.

about a year ago I started another email account for spam. So I chose to use my new nickname, but it was to short. So I turned it into a statement. M R TOOL (hiM aRe Tool). It was shortly after that, that I realized that it was a double entendre, it could be read as Mr. Tool, and this I like even better.

so that is my name in all its glory (or something like that)

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